By using the Check-in by beamian app you can import your guest list (from an external source) or manually register guests (on-site during the event or before the event starts).

Let's find out how to import your guest list! You need to have the guest database organised in an .xls, .xlsx or .csv file.

Please note: Soon after you've imported the guest list, the Registration Confirmation email with the QR Code to access the event wiil be sent to the guests' email addresses.

Creating the right guest database file

  1. You have to create an .xls, .xlsx or .csv file  with the information of the guests you want to import.

  2. You must leave the file header empty (no titles).

  3. Include the answers in the following order:

    1. Email [Column A] 

    2. Name [Column B]

    3. Phone number [Column C] 

    4. Country Code [Column D]

    5. Birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD) [Column E]

    6. Company [Column F]

    7. Job title [Column G]

  4. Save your database file.

Want and example of an import template? Please, download our example file (attached at the end of the article).


a) There must be no duplicate emails addresses; this means that you cannot import more than one guest with the same email address.

b) The email and name fields are the only ones which are mandatory for importing. The remaining fields (Phone number; Country code; Birthdate; Company; Job title) do not need to be filled in the database, if that is what you want.

c) You cannot import different fields than the ones that exist by default in the Check-in by beamian app (listed in point 3). Learn about other more complete beamian check-in solutions here.

Importing the guest list file

  1. After your event has been created, click on the Visitors menu.

  2. Tap the "+" icon.

  3. Tap the Import spreadsheet option.

  4. Tap the last option on the page “Tap to upload the file” to import your guest list file.

  5. Next, you will find your updated guest list.

Your guest list is ready and uploaded to the event. Check it out in the Visitors menu.