Guest check-in is very simple and fast! Once you’ve the guest database registered for the event, you are ready to set up check-in in the app.

The app Check-in by beamian allows you to check-in quickly by scanning the guest QR Code and, if you wish, add label printing to the check-in.


  • Have a good internet network (in the check-in area).

  • Have the app installed on mobile devices for check-in.

  • Have a camera on the mobile devices for check-in.

  • Guests have to present the QR Code on their mobile device (in the check-in area).

Check-in setup (Fast Scanning)

  1. Once you are logged into your event, tap the Setup menu.

  2. Tap the Scanning options option.

  3. Select the Fast scanning option.

  4. Click on the Save button.

By choosing this type of configuration you are setting up a very quick check-in of reading QR Code after QR Code. 

Perform Check-in (Fast Scanning)

  1. Tap the Check-in menu.

  2. Tap the QR Code icon to open the mobile device's camera.

  3. Scan your guest's QR Code and repeat scanning the next QR Codes over and over again.

  4. As you check-in guests you will find the assistance status at the top of the screen as well as  the information of the latest guest checked in.

Here is how a fast scanning check-in is performed.

Might you need to manually check-in guests? Find out how in this article.