If you are using a regular form to register visitors to your event you can enable editable form option in order to let your visitors edit their answers after registration.

A Regular form involves creating a user's beamian account before filling out the form. For email validation and confirmation purposes.

What is the user experience for editing form answers?

  • The visitor accesses to the event form link.

  • The visitor creates the beamian account.

  • The visitor fills out the form.

  • If the visitor wants to edit given answers, the visitor only has to go back to the form link.

  • The visitor enters login credentials.

  • The visitor edits the answers in the form.

  • And saves the form.

Please note: Sessions are not editable. The setting is available only for forms without payments and ticket sales.

How to set up my Regular visitor form editable

  • Go to your beamian account and click on your current event.

  • In the upper right side click Event Configurationsettings-icon.

  • Scroll down to the setting: Editable forms.

  • Select Enabled option in the Regular visitor form editable field.

Tip: If your form is editable it may be useful to inform your visitors that they can edit their answers after registration, via the registration confirmation email.