It’s essential to keep track of how many people go in and out of your space or event, but it’s equally important to inform your audience about the number of people attending your space.

If you are using Headcounter App, namely the Live Counter tool, you can share your space occupancy in real-time, letting your audience decide in advance what is the best time to visit it.

Here are some tips for sharing your Live Counter:

Social media

With HeadCounter app, you can automatically publish the Live counter of your space on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

  • Tap share-icon 

  • Tap Facebook, LinkedIn or Twiter logos.

  • Log into your account.

  • And publish your Live Counter online.

If you would like to share the Live Counter on Instagram, you can add the Live Counter URL to your Instagram account bio or even publish an image with a QR Code to your feed.

Tip: You can decide to publish your space's live occupancy frequently, but you can also pin a post to the top of your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter Page's timeline. So, whenever a user is on your profile page will see that publication right at the top and it’s easy for your followers to find information about how many people are attending your space.


Read the articles below to learn how to pin a post to the top of your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter Page's timeline.





Give visibility to your Live Counter on the homepage of your website, one of the most visible channels of your brand.

You can highlight the safety measures that are being implemented at your space or event, and provide your customers or visitors with a way to keep track of the number of people who are in your space.

If you update your website with this new content, which can take the form of a CTA button, an image or any other type of content, it's easier for your audience to find out the number of people inside your space whenever they want. 

QR Code

A QR Code is short for Quick Response, a two-dimensional version of the Barcode used to convey a piece of information almost instantly with the scan of a mobile device. It can be read quickly by a smartphone, and that’s one of the key features of QR Codes.

Nowadays, the newer versions of smartphones are able to read a QR Code by just using the phone camera. For mobile phones which doesn’t have an integrated QR Code reader, there are plenty of app solutions that are easy to download and use for reading a QR Code.

QR Codes are very useful because they can store (and digitally present) a diversity of data such as URL links, geo coordinates or text. For this reason, the QR Code can be a great solution to share your Live Counter web page on online and offline contact points.

Imagine that you are monitoring the space occupation like a museum room or a hotel pool area, you can distribute one or more printed QR Codes to different places in your museum or hotel, informing visitors that by scanning that QR Code they can know the number of people in those areas.

You just need to create a QR Code including your Live Counter URL using a site like or QR Code Generator and share it online, on your website or social media channels, or printing the QR Code and distribute it strategically across the areas of your space.

Add Live Counter page to the smartphone home screen

It may be useful to communicate to your visitors a simple shortcut to check whenever they want the live occupancy of your space.


Once they check once your live occupancy page on social media or via a QR Code, they will no longer need to search online for your Live Counter page if they save it right away on the home screen of their smartphone.


Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • Open the Live counter's web page.

  • Tap Share button on the browser toolbar.

add home screen iphone

  • Tap Add to Home Screen icon.

  • And the web page is saved as an app on the smartphone's home screen.


  • Open the Live counter's web page.

  • Tap menu button and tap Add to home screen.

add home screen android

  • And the web page is saved as an app on the smartphone's home screen.

You can suggest to your visitors to add your live occupancy link to the home screen of their smartphones so that they have that information with just the touch of a button.