When importing visitor list into beamian platform, you may encounter errors if your import file isn't properly set up.

Here we will cover some of the most common errors when importing files and how to preview errors for imported files.

Most common errors

Pay attention if any of these errors exist in your import file:

  • The sequential order of the columns in your import file doesn’t match up the order shown in the dialog Import Visitors box, displayed after you clicking import visitors or import visitors and answers buttons.


Note: The order of the fields/columns displayed in this image is for demonstration purposes. The order of the fields/columns in your import file will probably be different.

  • The import file has a header. The file cannot have a header

  • The import files contain formatted cells. Whenever possible, the cells in the import file should be in "text" format.

  • The import file should be smaller than 5MB.

Email Validation

The email field is mandatory and must be unique for each visitor.

You can only add or import an visitor if there is a single email for each visitor. If your list of visitors has two or more visitors associated with the same email, only one of them will be imported into your event.

Please note: When carrying out more than one import of visitors to your event if there are equal emails in the different import files, only the visitor from the last import (whose email is already registered in your event from previous imports) will be the unique saved on the platform.


  • A single email is required per visitor.

  • An email address that doesn't conform to the format of a typical email address (e.g., name@domain.com) will not be imported.

  • Confirm that emails are typed correctly and pay attention to possible errors, such as words with accents, spaces between letters, etc.

Before importing, preview the import results

When importing files, you should first preview the import results before actually importing by clicking Preview. When previewing the import, these are the results displayed:


preview results



Preview: true (the file was uploaded correctly).

  • Contas novas: New accounts created (this number may not be the same as the number of visitors added if your visitors' list contains emails whose visitors have already registered for another event on the beamian platform).

  • Participantes adicionados: New visitors added (It’s the indicator by which you must confirm if it corresponds to the total number of visitors that are in your visitors' list. If that number is different it means there is an error in your import file (e.g., duplicate emails, one of the visitors on your list already exists in your event, etc).

  • Tags lidas: tags reads.

  • Erros: Errors (it indicates the number of errors that exist in your import file).

  • Número das linhas com erros: Number of rows with errors: identifies the rows in the import file with errors.

Tip: You should create your import file in a new blank workbook .xlsx or .xls file in which the cells should not have any formatting, before uploading it on the platform.