If the visitors to your event are already enrolled in different activities and workshops, find out in this article how to import visitors’ registrations into sessions on the beamian platform.

Before you get started

Before you import visitors’ registrations for your event's sessions you must make sure that all visitors to your event are registered on the beamian platform and your event sessions must be created.

Import visitors’ registrations for event sessions


  • Create Sessions

  • Go to your beamian account and click on your current event.

  • Navigate to Visitors and click Sessions tab.

  • Click Add Session.


  • In the dialog Add Session box, you've to fill in the fields sessions Name, Description, Capacity, Start Date and End Date according to the sessions information of your event.

  • The Allow tag not registered checkbox must be set up according to the attendance control you want to carry out at the event.
    • you must select the checkbox whether, on the day of the event, the non-registered visitors in the session are still allowed to enter the session.allow-tag-not-registered-yes
    • you must not select the checkbox if the non-registered visitors in the session are not allowed to enter the session.allow-tag-not-registered-no
  • Click Add Session and create all the other sessions for your event.

  • After all the sessions have been created, continue on the Sessions tab and click Import Sessions.

  • Choose the .csv or .xlsx format.

  • In the dialog Import Session Data box, click Download Example and you will find an excel spreadsheet with the first column (A) for visitors emails, the second column (B) for check-in registrations and the remaining columns for each session of your event.


When you set up the file, emails go in the first column (A), check-in registrations in the second column (B), and then you have to fill in each column (for each session) with the character X (= registered for the session) the visitors’ registrations per session.

Please note: If your list of visitors has already been imported on the beamian platform, you can register all visitors for the check-in session (which is mandatory before the event starts) just by clicking Register all visitors in Checkin Session (red button) at the bottom of the Sessions tab.


  • Once you've set it up, save this spreadsheet to your computer.

  • On the Sessions tab, click Import Sessions and choose the excel format > Choose File > Import.

  • After importing the file, check if there were errors, and if so on which lines.

  • You can confirm that visitors are registered for the check-in session and for the other sessions on the dashboard at the end of the Sessions tab.

Blue button - registered for the session

Green button E - entered the session


registered for sessions