With our mobile app, you are able to easily control visitor access to specific sessions, conference rooms or VIP areas by searching for visitor names, scanning visitor QR codes or by contactless technology - the visitor

Before you get started

  • To perform access control at your event, you must use the beamian organizer app.

  • If you are using famocos (beamian devices) to perform access control, the beamian organizer app is installed by default.

  • When using your own mobile devices available for the event you have to install beamian organizer mobile App (the mobile app is only available for android). Ask the beamian team to give you access to it. Moreover, you must make sure that your mobile devices have an NFC reader if you want to perform access control through the visitors' smart badges.

  • Organizers and event managers have full access to the mobile app in order to manage all features (check-in, access control, visitor consumption, and so on). Regarding other users, such as staff teams, we suggest adding specific permissions with limited access to the different app’s features.

Follow these steps to enable Access Control through beamian organizer app

app-log in

  • Tapchange event button(change event button) to choose your current event.

    app-change session

  • Tap menu button-1 (menu button) > Controlo Acesso.

    menu-access control

  • Tap change event button (settings session button) > Mudar sessão to choose the session in which you want to perform access control.

    change sessions

  • Tap “Entrada” when you are validating the visitors' entries and tap “Saída” when you are validating visitors' exits.

    exists and entrances
Tip: In a scenario of a large flow of visitors entering and leaving through the same door, we recommend that you use a device configured to validate entries and another device to validate exits.

  • Access control via QR Code: Tap qr code (bottom-right) to use the camera on your mobile device and scan the visitor's QR Code (printed or digital). Once the QR Code is scanned, the visitor's entry is validated and the message Status OK! is displayed on the screen.

    access control - qr code

Tip: When scanning visitor's QR Code on mobile devices, keep the visitor's QR Code away from the sunlight or artificial light. You can adjust the brightness on the mobile device to makes it easier to read the QR Code.

  • Access control via smart badge: Tap with the visitor's smart badge on the mobile device NFC reader (usually on the back of the device). And automatically the visitor's entry is validated and the message Status OK! is displayed on the screen.

    access control - smart badge

  • Access control by visitor name search (less recommended, it takes longer): Tapchange event button (settings session button) > Pesquisar and type the visitor's name, then tap seacrh bar button in the search bar. Click on the visitor's name and tap Confirm. Then, the visitor's entry is validated and the message Status OK! is displayed on the screen.

    access control - search by name 1access control - search by name 2

Please note: If you are using the manual mode, we suggest typing only one or two names of the visitor's full name and then tap seacrh bar button in the search bar, so that the search is more effective. Spaces between names or letters also count for the search.seacrh bar button

Other messages that may be displayed when controlling visitor access

  • MessageNÃO REGISTADO NA ZONA. Adicionar? SIM/NÃO


    não registado na zona


When this message is displayed it means that the visitor isn’t registered for the session. If it’s a session without access restriction, you can click SIM (=yes), to add this visitor to the session and validate the visitor entry. 

Click NÃO (=no) if it’s a limited access session and unregistered visitors cannot get into.

Tip: If it’s only a matter of monitoring the number of entries and exits (there was no previous registration of visitors to the session) you must change the status of all visitors to registered for that session/area. Get in touch with the beamian team to perform this procedure. This will save you time in the access control process.

  • Message: Status INVALID!

status invalid

This message is displayed when the visitor gets into the session and hasn’t validated the exit, so the message indicates that the visitor is still in the session. If it’s a restricted access session/area with the obligation to validate entries and exits, this message indicates that the QRCode or smart badge may be being used by someone else, or the exit hasn’t been properly validated.

Access Control panel

On Controlo Acesso view you can:

  • validate visitors’ entries/exits in the session/space.

  • check the maximum capacity of the session/space.

  • check the number of entered visitors in the session/space.

  • check the number of seats available in the session/space.

The Controlo Acesso Panel allows getting information about each session/space of the event.

Controlo Acesso Panel

access control panel