The feature available in beamian organizer mobile app, Access Control allows you to control entries and exits to specific sessions and to limit who can get into a session.

With our mobile app, you are able to easily control visitor access to specific sessions, conference rooms or VIP areas by searching for a specific visitor name, scanning visitor QR codes (printed or digital) or by contactless technology - the visitor smart badge.

Define your access control goals

The beamian platform allows you to perform access control for different types of scenarios. Before implementing the access control process, you must define the access control objective for each area/session.

Different access control goals:

  • Limit access: only registered visitors to the session are allowed to enter into the session/area, which means that access to sessions/areas is restricted, using the beamian organizer mobile app to limit who can get into a session.

  • Control the capacity of the area/session: any visitor can enter into the area/session and the organizer only controls in real-time the number of entries and exits according to the maximum capacity of the area/session.

  1. Define all areas/sessions of your event.
  2. Set the access control goal for each area/session.

Create sessions

After defining the purpose of access control, you will have to create the event sessions on the beamian platform. Each session/area of your event can have a different type of access control.

These two steps are mandatory if you want to restrict visitor access to areas/sessions, this means, limit who can get into a session. However, if you just want to control the session's capacity, you can choose to add or not add the sessions to the visitor's registration form.

If you add sessions to the registration form, you can predict the number of visitors expected for that session/area, since visitors are signing up for the session.

If you don’t add sessions to the registration form, you can continue to perform access control at your event in order to monitor in real-time the number of visitors attending the session/area. In this scenario, you must change the status of all visitors to registered in the session/area. Get in touch with the beamian team to perform this procedure.

Learn how to use beamian organizer mobile app to perform Access Control at your event’s sessions.