The exhibitor check-in represents the stage of delivery beamers to each exhibitor.

In order to check-in exhibitors at the event, companies must be registered on the beamian platform, either through the registration of the exhibitor’s form or through the import of the exhibitors’ database.

Suggestions for the exhibitors’ check-in stage

  • Prepare an area at the entrance of the event dedicated to receiving representatives from each company.

  • Signal the area as the delivery place of the beamers.

  • Exhibitors must check-in before the event begins or as soon as the event begins.

  • The staff must be prepared to summarize the device usage to exhibitors and elucidate them in the best way to take advantage of their use during the event. Likewise, it may be important to share the method of collecting beamian equipment with the exhibitors on the last day of the event.

  • Comply with the check-in requirements in terms of connectivity, power outlets, etc. Before performing the exhibitor check-in read our article about check-in requirements.

How to check-in exhibitors

  • Tap  menu button-1 (menu button).

  • Tap Exhibitors.

  • Type the exhibitor/company name or search the exhibitor name on the list and click on the company name.

  • Scan the QR code that is in the device box. 

  • Or type the device number (which is written in the box) and tap Associar.

  • The beamer is automatically associated with the exhibitor.




After check-in, the exhibitor is associated with a unique beamer device. Learn how to replace a beamer during the event

Exhibitor Status

In the list of companies/exhibitors at the event (fourth screen - the image above), the companies already checked-in are marked in green and those that are not yet checked-in are marked in yellow.


Add a new exhibitor on the day of the event

If it's necessary to register an exhibitor on the day of the event (not previously registered on the platform) it's possible to do so in three ways:

  • App beamian organizer (mobile device)

  • Tap plus icon

  • Enter the name and email of the company/exhibitor.

  • Click Register to add a new exhibitor.

add new exhibitor

  • beamian platform (laptop)

  • Go to your beamian account and click on your current event.

  • Navigate to Exhibitors' tab and then click Exhibitors' list.

  • Click Add Exhibitor'.

  • In the dialog box, enter the name and email of the company/exhibitor.

  • Click Add Exhibitor to add a new exhibitor.

  • Fill exhibitors' name and email.

Please note: If you add a new exhibitor on the day of the event through the app or the platform, it will be necessary to collect the company data. And then add this information manually on the platform to complete the exhibitor's registration. This action is very important so that the information of companies/exhibitors is shared with visitors after the event.

  • Exhibitor Registration Form

You can also share the link of the registration form and ask the exhibitor to fill out the form before receiving the beamer device.

For this, you can have a laptop available at the check-in area in order to let the exhibitors made their self-registration by accessing the registration form on the day of the event.