You can register new visitors on the day of the event either by using the beamian platform or Kiosk Registo view on the beamian organizer mobile app.

Visitor registration area

Some of our suggestions for registering new visitors on the day of the event:

  • Prepare an area at the entrance of the event dedicated to registering new visitors only.

  • Signal this area as the visitor registration area.

How to add a new visitor?

You can register new visitors on the day of the event by filling out only the visitor name and email address or by filling out all the registration form fields.

Please note: If you want to register visitors (requesting all data from the registration form), you must select the Micro Form field when creating the form fields. This way you will be able to register visitors through a full form, asking for more data than just the visitor name and email address. Learn how to make the form fields visible for the registration on-site.

Live view Registration form tool (beamian platform)

  • Click Manage Event

  • Go to additional settings on left menu

  • Click Event Details

  • Click Event Information

  • On your event breadcrumbs, click on your Event Name to view your dashboard

  • Click Live icon on upper right corner

  • Click Add visitor on the left side of the page.

  • In the dialog New Visitor box, fill in the visitor name and email.

  • If you click to toggle the Form switch on, the remaining fields of the visitor registration form are shown and can be filled in, for a more complete registration.

  • Click New Visitor.

  • The visitor QR Code is displayed on the screen.

Once you’ve registered the visitor through the Live view Registration form tool, the visitor still needs to validate the entry to the event.

Tip: If you prefer to perform the visitor check-in along with the visitor registration, you can also do it by reading the visitor QR Code (it's displayed on the beamian platform after registering the visitor) through the beamian organizer app. At the same time, you can print the visitor's label or associate the smart badge to the visitor. Learn how to check-in visitor at the event with beamian organizer mobile App (Android).

Kiosk Registo view (mobile app)

If you are using the mobile app to register a new visitor, you can add to the visitor registration step the printing of the visitor's label and the association of the smart badge. However, after registration, the visitor will still need to go to the check-in area to validate entry to the event.

Log in using your beamian account credentials (email address and password) or log in with staff credentials on the mobile devices available for new registration stage.

  • Tap change event button (change event button) to choose your current event.

  • Tap menu button-1 (menu button) > Settings > Kiosk settings.

  • Choose which actions you want to perform when registering new visitors:

  • Kiosk lock mode (to lock the registration kiosk screen preventing screen switching). It can be used for Self-registration.

  • Kiosk NFC mode (to associate a smart badge with a visitor)

  • On the menu, tap Kiosk Registo.

  • Fill out the visitor data in the form fields.

  • Tap OK

Once you’ve registered the visitor through the Kiosk Registo, the visitor still needs to validate the entry to the event.

Tip: You can create an email that is sent automatically after registering the visitor in the Registration Kiosk. So the visitor receives a Registration Confirmation email with the QR Code and can show the QR Code in the check-in area to become faster.