With our mobile app, you are able to easily check visitors in by searching for a specific visitor name or scanning visitor QR codes (printed or digital).

You can check-in visitors and simultaneously associate a unique smart badge to each visitor's data or print identification labels for visitors. Learn how to print visitor labels and how to associate an visitor smart badge at the check-in stage.


This article covers the following topics:

Before you get started

  • Before starting to check-in visitors, you must make sure that all pre-event requirements are fulfilled (connectivity, trained staff, mobile devices and so on). Otherwise, you may not be able to check-in visitors.

Installing the beamian organizer mobile App

  • If you are using beamian equipment to check-in visitors, learn more about famoco devices, how to connect them and their buttons and softkey. The famoco has the mobile application installed by default.

Log in & Settings

log in

  • Tapchange event button(change event button) to choose your current event.

choose your current event

  • Tap menu button-1 (menu button) > Settings > Welcome and Access settings

  • To perform visitors check-in, choose Perform check-in.

setting up you check-in

  • To choose which visitor data is displayed when searching for a visitor (by default, the visitors' names and emails are displayed) tap Choose fields to be displayed and select the fields that will differentiate the search by visitor.

    attendee's data

Checking visitors in

  • Tap Welcome.

  • Tap edit session button(edit session button) and choose the Check-in session.

check-in event

  • Automatic: Tap qr code (bottom-left) to use the camera on your mobile device and scan the visitor's QR Code (printed or digital). Then, if the visitor data is correct tap Submit. Once you tap Submit the visitor's status turns Entered.

    1 qr code

2 qr code

  • Manual: Tap search an attendee (bottom-right) to search for the visitor name on the visitor list. Type the visitor's name and then tap seacrh bar button in the search bar. Click on the visitor's name and tap Confirm. Then, if the visitor data is correct tap Submit. Once you tap Submit the visitor's status turns Entered.

    attendee check-in
    app - check-in- manual 2
Please note: If you are using the manual mode, we suggest typing only one or two names of the visitor's full name and then tap search an attendee in the search bar, so that the search is more effective. Spaces between names or letters also count for the search.

Tip: When scanning visitor's QR Code on mobile devices, keep the visitor's QR Code away from the sunlight or artificial light. You can adjust the brightness on the mobile device to makes it easier to read the QR Code.

Visitor status

There are four different types of visitor's status:

green mark Entered visitor

red mark Exited visitor

blue mark Registered visitor

grey mark Unregistered visitor


You can check the visitor's status either on the visitor list or on the screen that shows the visitor 's registration information.

  • Visitor list

attendee list

  • Registered visitor (example)

  regsitered example

  • Entered visitor (example) 

entered example

Welcome panel

The Welcome panel allows you to know how many visitors have entered at your event. If you tap refresh button (refresh button) you are updating the visitors counting.

number of attendings