Find out how to prepare the exhibition booth for each company and how to replace a beamer during the event if there is an equipment failure.

Before the event

Before the event begins, it’s crucial that each of the exhibitors' booths has an electrical socket or a multiplug available to connect the equipment to electricity. Please note that the beamer’s power cable is 1.5 meters long.

If your exhibiting companies are using the exhibitor app you should also make sure that there is connectivity throughout the exhibitor booth venue.

During the event: beamers replacement

If there is a failure in equipment and consequently the exhibitors are not able to collect leads, you must replace the device.


  • You must collect the damaged equipment (beamian box, cable, USB power adapter and beamer).

  • Deliver a new one and connect it to the electrical socket.

  • It’s crucial that you write down the number of the replaced beamer and the number of the new beamer delivered as well.

  • At the end of the event, it’s mandatory to deliver the list of replaced beamers to the beamian team (company name, replaced beamer number and the number of the new beamer delivered to the exhibiting company).