It’s essential to properly prepare the staff to use the beamian system, both on the beamian platform and the beamian organizer mobile app to create a smooth experience for all the participants.

It’s necessary to schedule a briefing session in order to explain to the staff how the beamian system works according to their roles. Our recommendations:

  • to schedule the day and time for the session.

  • to organize staff teams by area/role.

  • explain the use of the beamian system by role:

  • visitor check-in (and printing visitor's labels and associate a smart badge to a visitor).

  • registration of new visitors on the day of the event.

  • exhibitor check-in and beamers delivery.

  • and also other functions regarding beamian organizer mobile App (access control, consumption management, beamers replacement, etc.).

  • Instruct the staff in terms of communication as well. This means understanding the type of language to be used with the visitors and also being able to answer the most common questions (how to use the smart badge to share contacts with companies - if applicable).

As long as it is previously agreed with the beamian team, a member of the beamian team can be responsible for the staff teams' briefing session.