Check-in stage is one of the most important steps for a smooth experience of all visitors at the event. To achieve this goal it’s essential to plan the check-in area in advance and meet a set of requirements.

Prerequisites for installing the check-in solution (a few days before the event)

1. You need to ensure connectivity conditions for the check-in area

Connectivity is a mandatory resource that must be adapted to the characteristics of each event. 

Internet connectivity reliability should be aligned with the event requirements (for example if you have 1000 people checking-in in a half an hour window you should have a reliable internet connection with several backups). Our team is available to help you to make the best decision.

As long as it is previously agreed with the beamian team, Wi-Fi network can be provided by beamian.

2. It’s crucial to provide power sockets

Power sockets must be available throughout the check-in area to connect beamian equipment (mobile devices or printers and laptops, if applicable).

3. Installation site

There should be a work area exclusively for check-in, organized according to the needs of the event:

  • waiting lines for different categories of visitors (e.g. speakers, press, sponsors, etc). If applicable.

On-site, there must be a team dedicated to making new visitor registrations and to check-in visitors and exhibitors.

A few days before the event begins, it's strongly recommended that the simulation and installation of the entire check-in area be carried out at the event venue.