With beamian platform, event organizers are able to assign consumable items to their guests or participants in VIP areas or guest sessions.

Event organizers can create as many consumable items as they want to be consumed at the event or in a restricted access area of the event. After creating the items, the organizers can assign free items/products to all participants or just a group of participants.

How to add consumable items to visitors

  • Go to your beamian account and click Visitors on top menu

  • Then click on consumptions

  • Navigate to Item Types tab.

  • In the upper right, click Add Item Type button.

  • In the dialog box, enter a title to your item/product and click Add Item Type.

  • Add as many consumable items as you want.

  • Navigate to Users tab and assign consumable items to visitors:

If you want to assign items to all visitors:

  • Click Add Items To All Visitors.

  • Click + to define the number of items available for each visitor.

  • Click Update Items button.

add items to all visitors

  • If you want to assign items to a group of visitors:

users consumptions import

  • Click Import User’s Consumptions (green button).

  • Choose the .csv or .xlsx format.

  • In the dialog box, click Download Example and you will find an excel spreadsheet with the first column (A) for visitors emails and the remaining columns to the quantity for each type of item.
Tip: When you set up the file, emails go in the first column (A) and it’s mandatory to have Email as the header in cell A1. Then you must enter by order of items’ creation (as is in the downloaded example file) the item name in the remaining header columns and enter the number of items available per visitor.

  • Once you've set it up, save this spreadsheet to your computer.

  • Click Import User’s Consumptions (green button).

  • Click Choose file button.

  • Choose the excel file.

  • Click Preview in order to identify if there is any error in the excel file and confirm that the number of imported visitors is correct. If there are no errors, you can go ahead and click Choose File again, select your file from the computer and click Import (green button).

Please note: Duplicate emails are not accepted.

How to manage consumable items to visitors

Once all items are assigned to visitors, you can use the Consumptions feature to add or remove items individually, to monitor the number of items available and consumed.

Consumptions view is divided into Overview tab, Stations tab, Item Types tab and Users tab.

  • Overview: all the item types are listed at this tab. It’s displayed how many items are available and consumed per each item type.

  • Item types: you can create new item types, eliminate item types and edit the name of existing items.

In the Users tab you can:

  • delete all item types.

  • import consumable items to visitors.

  • export an excel file with the items consumed per visitor.

  • add items to all visitors.

  • and, add or remove item types individually per visitor.