You can add additional users to access the beamian organizer app exclusively, and configure full access or limited access to the different options on the app menu.

We suggest adding new users when there are different staff teams with different roles. You can create staff credentials with different permissions.

Available permissions

  • Access control

Staff is able to access “Welcome view” and “Controlo Acesso” views.

Staff with access-control permission can do all actions on those views. Staff is only able to access assigned sessions.

  • Consumption control

Staff is able to access “Consumos” and “Consumptions Dashboard” views. Staff with consumption-control permission has limited access to “Consumptions Dashboard”: they can not consume or add consumptions to users.

How to create a new user and assign permissions

  • Click Manage Event

  • Go to Additional Settings on the left menu

  • Click on Event Details and then on Team

  • In the upper right, click Add Event manager.

  • Enter the email address of the new user.

Tip: It’s not necessary to be a valid email. You can create a fake email, for example,

  • Assign name and password (Save the password so you can share with users).

  • Click Send registration invite button.

Please note: Each new user account created can be used on different devices at the same time. If you're creating a new user to have access to the check-in feature on the app, the credentials you've created for log-in (email and password) for this user can be used by all staff members who are allocated in the check-in area.


After creating the new users, you will be able to manage each user's access.

On the right side of each user you can select:

  • Access control checkbox to give access to visitor check-in and access control features. And then click Update button.

  • Consumption control checkbox to give access to Consumos features. And then click Update button.

  • Full organizer app control checkbox to give full access to the beamian organizer app. And then click Update button.