You can add additional users as event managers to your event and give them access to your events without sharing login information.

Event managers have full access to the beamian platform and the beamian organizer app. In addition to adding new event managers, you can also create users with limited access to the beamian organizer app when multiple people are checking in visitors, controlling visitor accesses or dealing with the visitor consumption at your event.

Create a new event manager

  • Go to your beamian account and click on your current event.

  • Navigate to Team tab.

  • In the upper right, click Add Event manager.

  • Enter the email address of the new event manager.

  • If that user doesn't exist you are able to send an invitation email to the new event manager or set up a name and password in advance.

  • Click Send registration invite button.


After creating the new user, the event manager can access the beamian platform or the beamian organizer app with the credentials you've just created (email and password).

If not has been assigned a name and password, the new event manager can create a new password by going to > fills in the email > click recover password > create a new password and thus the credentials for accessing the beamian platform and app are set up.