Create visitor name labels to personalize visitors’ smart badges and their experience at your event as well. You can generate name labels with different fields of visitor information, such as name, company, job title and so on.

Important notes:

  • The use of two fields per visitor label is our recommendation.

  • The beamian platform offers two visitor labels already created and configured: Name & Company and Name, Company & QR Code. If one of these labels fits the type of label you want for your event, you don't need to create any labels. To use one of these labels, it’s mandatory to include in your visitor registration form a field with the same name: Company.

  • Visitor name labels are created based on the visitor form fields. So, the information that is printed on the label is the answer given by the visitor. If an answer has a wrong word, that information will be printed as was written by the visitor. But if you find any errors, for example, in the visitor's name when printing the label, you can edit the name and print it again at the check-in stage. Learn how to edit the visitor's name in the beamian organizer application at the check-in stage.

How to create a visitor label on beamian platform

  • Go to your app.beamian account 

  • Click Manage Event

  • Go to additional settings

  • Click on Visitors and then click on labels

  • In the upper right, click Add label button.

  • In the dialog Add Label box, you will set up your visitor label.

add label


The label’s settings are divided into three sections:

  • Label dimensions: Width (mm) and Height (mm).

  • Name field configuration (it concerns visitor's name): Name Field, [Name] Center, [Name] First and Last Only, [Name] Split in Two Lines, [Name] Split Lines diff (mm), [Name] Max. Chars, [Name] Font Name, [Name] Font Size, [Name] X Position (mm), [Name] Y Position (mm)

  • and, the settings of other visitor fields: [Field 1], [Field 2] and [Field 3].


List of fields:

  • Name * - Give your visitor label a title.

  • Width (mm) - enter the width size in mm.

  • Height (mm) - enter the height size in mm.

Please note: One side of the label must be 62 mm in order to comply with the dimensions of the printer's printing roll.

  • Name Field - Select this checkbox to add the visitor's name field to the label.

Please note: The "Name" field is a field generated by default in the visitor's registration form. If you create one more field on the visitor registration form, for example, a Full Name field, you must configure the Full Name field in a [Field 1] in order to be added to the label layout. If this is the case, don’t select the Name checkbox.

  • [Name] Center - Select this checkbox to center the visitor's name on the label.

  • [Name] First and Last Only - To avoid having labels with very long visitor names, you can choose this checkbox so that only the first and last name of the visitor is printed on the label.

  • [Name] Split in Two Lines - Select this checkbox to separate the visitor’s name into two lines on the label.

  • [Name] Split Lines diff (mm) - enter in mm the distance between the two lines of visitor's name.

  • [Name] Max. Chars - enter the maximum number of characters of the visitor's name that can be printed on the label.

  • [Name] Font Name - It’s mandatory to enter this font name: Vera.ttf and for bold text: VeraBd.ttf

  • [Name] Font Size - choose the font size to improve the visibility of the text. We recommend between size 14 and 18.

  • [Name] X Position (mm) - Enter the field distance value from point 0. For example, if it’s value 4, the visitor name field will be positioned 0.5 mm from the left margin of the label.

  • [Name] Y Position (mm) - Enter the value you want the field to move away from point 0 (bottom).


The fields [Field 1], [Field 2] and [Field 3] are used to configure other visitor information (eg. company or job title) that exist as a form field on the visitor registration form. The only rule for configuring these fields is as follows: the text entered in [Field 1] Field Title, [Field 2] Field Title and [Field 3] Field Title must be exactly the same as the field name that is in the visitor form.

The following is an example of setting up a visitor label layout.  It also explains how to set up a [Field 1] [Field 2] or [Field 3].


  • As you can see in the video, after creating your visitor label click See visitor label icon preview visitor label to preview the visitor’s label.

  • To edit the label configuration, click Edit icon edit icon to perform the desired changes and click Edit label.

  • Then click Events on the page header.

  • Click Event configuration icon settings-icon placed in the icons line of your current event.

  • Scroll down to the setting: Label Settings.

  • Select the visitor label for your event in the options: Default Label and Mobile App. Label.

Tip: Navigate to Visitors tab and click Default Label icon label icon to preview the label for each of the visitors.


Once the visitor label is created and configured on beamian platform, you need to accomplish two more steps in order to start printing visitor labels for visitors' smart badges: Set up a Brother printer to print visitor labels with beamian Organizer mobile App and, printing visitor labels at the check-in stage using beamian organizer App.