If you are using the beamian platform to sell tickets for your event, your visitors will receive an email with ticket codes after purchasing the ticket. This code will be used for registration in the event form.

This article covers how to create the ticket codes email, which is also the email that visitors automatically receive after purchasing the ticket.

Create the Ticket Codes Email

  • Go to your beamian account and click on your current event.

  • Navigate to Emails tab.

  • Go to the bottom of the page and you will find Emails with ticketsarea. Here, you can customize the following settings:

  • Enter the Subject line.

  • Enter the Greeting plain text of your message.

  • Add your message in Text before tickets Textarea field.

  • Add your message in Text after tickets Textarea field.

  • Scroll down on the page and click Update Emails fields (purple button).

Click Image with an example to get a clear idea of the composition of the email.

Please note: The ticket codes are automatically generated by the platform and are displayed by default in the centre of the email, between the Text before tickets and the Text after tickets fields.


Tip: If you want to add formatting to your message (bold text, italic text, bullets, etc.) please paste your message without formatting in an HTML editor, edit your message there and paste the formatted message in Emails with tickets fields.

SUPER TIP: It proves to be very important to help your visitors to complete their registration for the event and activate their ticket codes. You can take advantage of this email to indicate the steps they should take after receiving the Ticket Codes email.

Here is an example of the text you can enter in the Text after tickets field:


To complete your registration at the event you must follow these steps:

  • Access the link: [insert the link of your form registration page];

  • Click on "Activate Ticket Code";

  • Enter your email address (this should be the email address where you would like to receive the QR Code to access the event/Ticket);

  • You will receive a validation email and should click "Confirm email";

  • You will be redirected to the beamian account creation page where you will fill in your personal data;

  • Once the account has been created you must fill in the registration form for the event and enter your "Ticket Code" in the last field;

  • You will receive a registration confirmation email and QR Code to enter the event.

Ticket code activation is individual. If you purchased more than one ticket and received multiple codes:

  1. You must share the code of each ticket with the participant who will use the said ticket at the event and,

  1. Each participant must activate their code individually at [insert the link of your form registration page] and also create their beamian account, fill in the personal details on the form and activate the code to receive the QR Code to enter the event.


Please Note: After compsing and updating your Ticket Codes Email, whenever a visitor buys a ticket he will receive this email.

Send Ticket Codes Email

It's also possible to send a ticket codes email to a visitor or group of visitors on the beamian platform. For visitors who say they haven't received the ticket codes email or who cannot find the email in their email box, you can send the ticket codes emails manually.

  • Go to your beamian account and click on your current event.

  • Navigate to Ticket payments tab.

To resend ticket codes email to a single visitor:

  • Click resend button corresponding to the visitor to whom you want to send the email.

  • Then, click Send (blue button) that is displayed in the dialog box.

To resend ticket codes email to multiple visitors:

  • Select the visitors to whom you want to send ticket codes emails by clicking on the checkbox on the left side of the visitor list.

  • Click on the dropdown menu on the top bar.

  • Select Resend Tickets option.

  • Click on the Apply button.

  • Then, click Send (blue button) that is displayed in the dialog box.