If the exhibiting companies are registering for your event using a beamian form, you can quickly set up an automated registration confirmation email for exhibiting companies.

Before you get started

Before you send an email please make sure that your Email Customizations are complete and the exhibitor form is published as well.

Create an Email for Exhibiting Companies

  • Click on Manage Event

  • Go to additional settings

  • Click Event Details

  • Click Media Channels

  • Navigate to Manual Emails tab.

  • In the Visitor and Brands regular emails area:

  • Enter the subject line.

Please note: By default, the event name is an extension at the end of the subject line.

  • Add an Email cc if you want to receive the confirmation emails from exhibiting companies.

  • Add your message in Email header for brands Textarea field.

  • Add your message in Email footer for brands Textarea field.

  • Scroll down on the page and click Update Emails fields (purple button).

Please note: The answers filled out in the exhibiting companies' form are presented by default in the centre of the email, between the Email header for brands plain text and the Email footer for brands plain text.


If your brand form is correctly published, whenever a company submits the registration form for your event form it will receive the registration confirmation email.