After creating the tickets for your event you need to customize your ticket sales page, create email messages to send out to your visitors and publish your ticket sales page.

Customize the ticket page and registration form on app.beamian

The ticket sales page header is editable and you can enter a message with relevant information to your visitors.

  • On the left menu, go to additional settings

  • Click Visitors

  • Click Visitors Form

  • Click on Description

  • Enter the information you want to display in Ticket Form Description field.
    • Attending form title
    • Attending form description
    • Attending form final message

Tip: If you want to add formatting to your message (bold text, italic text, bullets, headings, etc.) please paste your message without formatting in an HTML editor, edit your message there and paste the formatted message in the Ticket Form Description field.

Once your event tickets and ticket sales page are customized, you have to create a visitor registration form and customize its descriptions and messages. Learn how to create visitor forms.

Email messages

To complete the ticket sales process for your event it’s necessary to create an email message with the ticket codes, as well as the email message with confirmation registration and the attached ticket for access to the event.

Learn how to create ticket codes email and how to create the event registration confirmation message for visitors.

Please note: The payment confirmation email is automatically sent by the beamian platform.


To publish your ticket sales page you must make sure that your event is published. Then you have to activate some specific settings on the Event configuration page.

  • Go to your beamian account, and click Event configuration icon settings-iconplaced in the dashboard of your event.

  • The following settings must respect the options below:

  • Registration Forms Settings > Form Status: Published.

  • Ticket acquisition Mode > Visitor choice.

  • Ticket usage control > Visitor registration.

  • Enable registrations for visitors > Visitor registrations mode > Enabled.

After configuring all the tickets sales page settings, you’ve to contact our service team to set up and implement the ticket page payments.

Please note: If you want to create a ticket sales page without registering visitors please contact the beamian team.