After the event has been created by the beamian team, the event organizer creates an organizer beamian account and must confirm the key event details.

Create an event organizer account

Once the event is created, the event organizer receives an email "You’re invited to manage the event on beamian".

  • Click Accept Invite.

  • Enter your email address.

  • Set a password (if it's your first event as an event manager).

  • If you already have a beamian account as an event manager you just need to log in with your credentials at 

  • Click Confirm.

  • Log in with your new credentials (email address and password).

Enter your event details

The first step is to confirm the basic information about your event.

  • Click on your current event.

  • Click Event details on the Top Navigation Menu and then click Event Information. In this page, you must confirm information such as the title of the event, date, place, brief description, image, etc.

  • Name - Give your event a short title up to 150 characters long.

  • Customize URL - Customize your event registration page link by adding a personalized short slug to the main link.

  • Time Zone - Define the region that matches your event location.

  • Start Date - Select the start date for your event. (month, day, hour and minutes)

  • End Date - Select the start date for your event. (month, day, hour and minutes)

  • Location - Enter the location or venue name where your event will take place.

  • Default Language - Select one of the available languages as the default language.

Tip: Apart from the event's default language, you can apply multilingual translations (PT, ES and EN) for registration forms, sessions, tickets, emails, etc. Learn how to apply multilingual translations.

  • Description (optional) - Use this field to enter a brief description of your event. Please note that this isn’t the description that will be displayed on the event registration page.

  • Max Capacity (Visitors) - Enter the maximum number of visitors expected for your event.

Please note: If the number of visitor registrations exceeds the Max Capacity (Visitors), visitors will still be able to register for the event, however, they will no longer be registered by default in the check-in session. We advise you to enter a number higher than the number of expected visitors.

  • Image (optional) - Upload an image with 1200 x 628 px, in a supported format type (.png or .jpeg) and smaller than 5mb. This image will be displayed on the registration form page of your event.

  • Image background (optional) - Upload an image in a supported format type (.png or .jpeg) and smaller than 5mb. It will be the background image with a transparent overlay on the form page.

  • And click Update Event button.

Publish your event

Once you've filled out all the basic information about your event on the Event information page, you can publish your event.

  • Go to the dashboard page of your event.

  • In the upper right side click to toggle the Published? switch on.

  • Click Yes button to publish your event.

Your event is published, however, to share the visitor and exhibitor forms online, you must enable online forms configuration.

Once you've updated your event basic information you can start by performing different actions: